About Us

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We think it's important for you to know all about us! So if you're wondering who we are, what we do and how it all started, then kick back and read on!!

Dogghead Tech was founded in early 2020 by me, Matt Wyer, after being furloughed from my hospitality job during COVID-19. I always had an interest for taking things apart from a young age and took huge great satisfaction in taking something that was broken and repairing it. My early career choices however had taken me down a hospitality route and in to management, but I always found myself on the part of YouTube where some guy would be fiddling around with some old games console or handheld and bringing it back from the dead. One example of this, is a YouTube channel called The Retro Future who does mad things with Game Boys, so check that out if you have the chance!!

Being furloughed from work meant that I found myself with a tonne of free time. This created the perfect chance to try my hand at some of the repairs that I had been watching (and learning) online. I bought a faulty PS3 controller for a few pounds and tried to get it working..... which I couldn't. So I bought another one and with using some of the components from the first controller, I GOT IT WORKING!! From that point, I was hooked! I whacked it up for sale on my Facebook Marketplace for a tenner and BOOOOM; I had made my first sale!
After a hand full of other repairs (with mixed success) and sales, I realised that this was what I wanted to do for a career. No more pulling pints, late nights, anti-social hours, drunk punters and naff pay. I wanted to work in the electronics industry!!

I quit my job and landed an entry level, part time role at a local electronic components warehouse which was my foot in the door. This also allowed me enough time to continue to purchase faulty electronics and repair them in my free time. At this stage, I was seeing every unit I was buying as something I could learn from. Making a bit of money on the side was a bonus and anything I did earn went straight back in buying more and more products. The things I couldn't repair went in to storage and would be brought back later down the line once my skills had developed.

The units I did repair were listed on a eBay account, under the name 'Dogghead Tech'. The name Dogghead was taken from one of the opening scenes of one of my favourite games 'Secret of Evermore' on the Super Nintendo, where the main protagonist sprints past a shop called 'Doughead Software'. It's a proper 'blink and you'll miss it' moment so I read it first time around as 'Dogghead Software'. This name stuck with me and I thought it would be great as a company name!

I always wanted Dogghead Tech to be synonymous with good quality, value for money, fully refurbished gaming products. This was reflected in the great feedback scores Dogghead was receiving on eBay which I'm still hugely proud of. I did not want to limit Dogghead to only being available to the eBay community however, so the plans went in to creating it's own website that could be integrated in to social media platforms for quick and easy shopping. I could also reflect the brand better by creating it's own shopfront and promoting it in more inventive ways.

Which brings us to the present day!

Dogghead Tech is still a sole venture by me, Matt. This is my passion and love, and I am truly proud to be working in this industry. I've been gaming since I can remember so it makes me happy to still be involved in this and making a career from what I love.

If you have any questions or queries regarding anything at all, then please don't hesitate to give me a shout at matt@dogghead.co.uk.